I hope, this morning is good for you. It’s only Tuesday, but I’m sleepy. Trying to work and falling asleep. The second cup of coffee, guys! Prosit! =) Don’t like morning subway. Sleepy people rushing at work. They don’t care if they stepped on you. “Work.. Work.. We’re in hurry. The next train will never come. … More Morning!

Priorities, OR Doubts that’ve turned into the Motto

Priorities. I often think about them. I think about my wishes, dreams and goals. I try to put it all in order, but it’s tough. I often hear from people something like “you’re strange”, “you’re wasting your money on nothing”, “cafe? again? no, I can’t go. I don’t have enough money for it”… Yeah, mb … More Priorities, OR Doubts that’ve turned into the Motto

My Shakespeare

Shakespeare is the most unusual, the most unknown poet and playwright for me. It’s difficult to read even in translation ‘cos he has his own language, his own world around. But all his plays are about immortal things like love, hate, envy. And it makes him immortal. You could feel it all reading his sonnets and … More My Shakespeare


Had tried to start writing about yesterday’s first drawing lesson but I couldn’t. Just tired. Today is Saturday but we do have working day… The reason of this is that we’ve already had a weekend this week on the 6th of January. We usually have this work outs, when we have days-off and a holiday … More Tired