Rainy Day playlist

It never rains in LA except for the times it does. I enjoyed today’s rain with the book and music. Then decided to make a playlist which sounds even better with the rain on the background. Unwind and dream. Happy listening! Advertisements

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Hannukah: Making a miracle

It was the second day of Hannukah when I realized I did need to do the whole ritual. I went to a show in the evening, then went to Target for the menorah and the candles. It happened that way that I left my menorah at my mom’s place. And only on day two, I […]

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Alice Merton – Funny Business

Woo-hoo! I am so happy as I discovered that Alice Merton released the new single yesterday! ‘Funny Business’ is a serious business indeed. Powerful and right to the point. That’s why I love Alice. The song has a strong message. Untrustful relationships don’t lead to anything. And if somebody thinks that the life of a […]

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Zap Mama – Pick Me Up

I was waiting for this album since June when I first met Zap Mama at The Broad Happenings. Zap Mama is a project of Belgian artist Marie Daulne. It was started in 1991 and was inspired by the mixtures of cultures. Marie was born in Africa and moved to Belgium with her mom when she […]

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Clean Cut Kid – Emily

Smile, try not to cry, ’cause it only makes your eyes red Come outside, try not to hide, ’cause it only makes your friends scared What a beautiful song which hit me reached me and soothes me all over again! Enjoy! The song is created by Clean Cut Kid band [what wrong with the bands’ […]

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Life Sucks. Stay Strong.

This blog is mostly about music. Although, I feel the need to share this picture. In my opinion, it is the best shot so far. Taken in a mobile phone in a rush while waiting on the traffic light. As every journey has its sound, please read this text with the music – listen to […]

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If my life is like the dust…

There’ve been some dramatic changes with the whole Stop.The.World effect… I don’t know how to start. Not only this post. Anything. Feels like sht. It’s THE TIME to realise what is NEVER. And we’re NEVER ready for it. I may swear I hate stability but I’m never ready for NEVER. As you might have felt, […]

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Grace VanderWaal jumps into collaboration with an audience member at Grammy Museum

Next Tailor Swift, pop Prodigy, American pop sensation… A girl who smashed the 11th season of America’s Got Talent. Graceful Grace VanderWaal presented today in a cozy Clive Davis Theatre at Grammy Museum. Who could think Grace is sooooooo real? Sweet Sweet little girl who can go and act. Indeed, she’s the one who persuaded […]

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Zap Mama

Happy to share with you my latest music discovery! Polyphonic African tunes mixed with French and English. There’s something hypnotic, strong and at the same time vulnerable and tender. The melodies, I cannot stop listening to! Meet positive vibration from Zap Mama. The person behind Zap Mama is Marie Daulne. She was born in  Democratic […]

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