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This is a blog of music and thoughts which come from the very deep corners of my heart. All the thoughts have a strong need of being documented somewhere otherwise my head would explode, turning my miserable existence into bloody .. nothing. [just kidding]

All I face with…
All I see…
All dream about…
All I hear…

is here.

I hope you’ll follow. I hope you’ll find something here.



Jumping from 0 to 2 wasn’t easy.
Let’s see what’s next.


Learning another language is rather difficult. You should think differently, you should think like native speaker! But how could it be possible, if you hear and see your native language in your surroundings is? Yes, it’s rather tough. But solution always exists. Nothing is impossible! This solution is right here – brain works in English right now!

This blog is the challenge for me to think in another way. The posts here are about me, my life, thoughts, feelings – my world.

Study to think, write by telling stories about EVERYTHING what’s going on with me or near me.

Readers are WELCOME! Love you whoever you are! =)

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