Goodbye, Edinburgh!

We had a great time together. Sunny and rainy, windy and calm, but mostly Scottish-rainy and Scottish-windy. We’ve been together for 3 weeks, but now, I’m sorry, I should leave. It’s 3.30 a.m., clear calm night-morning. My suitcase, backpack and a bag… How will I carry all of this?! What was I thinking about buying […]

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October, leave me, please!!!

It’s the end of August but here, in Edinburgh it feels like Belarusian October! I’m cold everywhere: at school, in coffe shop, on performance, at home… I’m cold at any time, whatever it’s morning, afternoon or evening… Because it’s cold 🙂 October.. The weather is so crazy… The funny thing is that in the morning […]

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‘I AM’ by MAU Ballet. New Zeland

Strange deep psychological hard… Unusual. The war, community and individual. Individual in community. Rules following, commands, subordination, submission, dependence… All time in tension, on stress. How 1 wall, which is the only decoration, non-moving faces (almost all the time) keep attention of all the audience? Hard. Heavy. Odd. Edinburgh Playhouse. Could even say all the […]

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Life full of choices

Something suddenly realised.. Something important… Which helps not to give up. Here it is. The f*cking life is about maiking choices. Going upper means making more choices, which are more serious and difficult to make, which means they’re more important. To be strong, not to put off, to be brave being responsible for your own […]

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Inala. It’s probably the best performance I’ve even seen. Clean voices of African choir, so clean that I couldn’t believe it’s not a recording… Couldn’t believe it’s real. The project is special and original by definition.. Zulu ballet itself is an experiment, mind-blowing mixture of music, African singing and dance. The idea of creating the […]

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The Dead Pony Society. Comedy

Loads activities => emotions from yesterday. So last afternoon I visited a jazz concert by Dick Lee and Brian kellock: jazz notes. It was dead good. And in the evening I took part in traditional Scottish dancing class. But… Unfortunately I can’t write about this two things cos I have a homework from school. Yes, […]

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Hello from Edinburgh!)

Honestly lots of new info. The city is really nice, seemed to me at the beginning. Now I think it’s quite crazy. Edinburgh international festival, Fridge festival, Music festival is hosted there. You see.. Busy, noisy, full of energy, crowded – it’s today’s Edinburgh… What do I do? Well.. I’m kind of lost here.. Try […]

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