Zap Mama

Happy to share with you my latest music discovery! Polyphonic African tunes mixed with French and English. There’s something hypnotic, strong and at the same time vulnerable and tender. The melodies, I cannot stop listening to! Meet positive vibration from Zap Mama. The person behind Zap Mama is Marie Daulne. She was born inĀ  Democratic […]

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Alice Merton – No Roots

Seriously, who haven’t heard this song yet? But I cannot NOT to talk about it as it’s one of my absolute favourites. A true inspiration. The song is a debut single of Alice Merton, German-Canadian-English singer-songwriter. It was released on the 3rd of February, 2017 and skyrocketed in the charts. Everybody was freaking out: – […]

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Some of you were asking about modern Belarusian music. Here it is. Meet Sounduk, my favourite music band. They have the sound, they have the texts, they have the soul. Their concerts are more like interactive theatrical performances. Being on their live shows is an absolutely unique experience, not sure if have never seen anything […]

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