Zap Mama – Pick Me Up

I was waiting for this album since June when I first met Zap Mama at The Broad Happenings. Zap Mama is a project of Belgian artist Marie Daulne. It was started in 1991 and was inspired by the mixtures of cultures. Marie was born in Africa and moved to Belgium with her mom when she was a child as a refugee.

She realized she was different among Europeans and she started using this in her music. She started playing with the sounds, started mixing western and African music. She started to travel looking for new sounds. She found it in African countries, she found it in Brazil, she found it in Europe, she found it in the US… [read more about Marie in my previous post]

Her polyphonic sounds are ..stunning! With the first note, it grabs your attention and you’re waiting for more and more… It comes like a nice warm summer rain. One note drop, then another one, one more, and it’s raining…

As I mentioned, I met Zap Mama live at The Broad. I was waiting for about 40 minutes for her to start. It wasn’t ready, sound check was done right in front of the frustrated audience… I was frustrated but something was telling me that I should wait for the performance. I was SO RIGHT about it. These sounds this energy… I will never forget!

At the very end of her performance, Marie decided to share the music from the upcoming album. THAT music picked me up… and never put me back…

So I look my life from Nine to Five
Trying my best to stay alive
Until the voice in my head
Picks me up..
Picks me up..

That voice 
That voice 
Keeps me up

Sorry but that’s EXACTLY my life. Routine is killing me from 9 to 5. Don’t get it wrong, I’m a good worker. In fact, I’m a very good worker.


I’m an automatic pilot. Like a prisoner serving time. Feel aside… I daydream… Alive… Alive…

‘Like a prisoner serving time’ until I hear the music which wakes me up. And I am ready for the next project and sleepless nights and work after work.

This powerful tune has never gone out of my head. I was over the moon when I saw it released on youtube November 7th. Trying not to listen to it on auto-repeat. I LOVE IT and I want to LOVE IT forever 🙂

This is one of many great songs from Zap Mama’s new album Eclectic Breath. This time – electronic sounds are blended in. In my opinion, it’s the best Zap Mama’s album so far. Fresh and awakening.

Check it out. Stay Awake. Stay Alive.


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