Song Of The Day

I’m surrounded by music. Music is everywhere: at home, in the car, even at work…
It’s filling out the streets. All possible styles and genres…


Song Of The Day is a project with the goal to sum up all the music around and pick the best one every day.

Each song here is found with a purpose to represent all the ***t going around = my life. :)[Just kidding. My life is actually made from tons of fun and joy.] But the thing is that the song is found not by text, not by melody. And it’s not really found. It’s just a song which touches my feelings on that exact day, which came up accidentally while listening to the radio station or Spotify playlist. Radio or playlist is usually played in the background and that special song is always heard and noticed. Then – played again several times.

Music and thoughts are very close. Together they form a special connection that touches your soul.
It should always be like this.
..and let your soul fly.


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