Clean Cut Kid – Emily

Smile, try not to cry, ’cause it only makes your eyes red Come outside, try not to hide, ’cause it only makes your friends scared What a beautiful song which hit me reached me and soothes me all over again! Enjoy! The song is created by Clean Cut Kid band [what wrong with the bands’ […]

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Life Sucks. Stay Strong.

This blog is mostly about music. Although, I feel the need to share this picture. In my opinion, it is the best shot so far. Taken in a mobile phone in a rush while waiting on the traffic light. As every journey has its sound, please read this text with the music – listen to […]

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If my life is like the dust…

There’ve been some dramatic changes with the whole Stop.The.World effect… I don’t know how to start. Not only this post. Anything. Feels like sht. It’s THE TIME to realise what is NEVER. And we’re NEVER ready for it. I may swear I hate stability but I’m never ready for NEVER. As you might have felt, […]

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