Priorities, OR Doubts that’ve turned into the Motto

Priorities. I often think about them. I think about my wishes, dreams and goals. I try to put it all in order, but it’s tough.

I often hear from people something like “you’re strange”, “you’re wasting your money on nothing”, “cafe? again? no, I can’t go. I don’t have enough money for it”… Yeah, mb they’re right in some way. But I can’t live without all of this. Sometimes I really can’t understand why I have such “unusual” priorities. I just do what I like, spread my money the way I want because it makes me a little happier 🙂 What’s the sense without the this little pretty stuff, that brings joy into your life? Believing in tomorrow? I believe, but I also know that I live today.

Some of my friends don’t go out for a lunch, they say it’s too expensive, they don’t go far on vacation, they don’t do any courses because it’s expensive, they collect money for the car, the apartment and so on. I can’t judge it. I understand that it’s really useful especially your own apartment. But..

I can’t get it =) I do English courses, badminton training, spread money on books and theater tickets. I love all of this! I like the feeling after the lesson when you start to think in English and forget how to think in the native language, I like this feeling that I’m writing this post without thinking about translations. I like the feeling after badminton training: exhausted, could feel your feet, arms, late at night going home. This is definitely better than just an ordinary after-work-evening. I feel terrible after work, my brain doesn’t work, the back could hurt. But it’s so simple to cure – just some physical activity. What’s about the books and theatre tickets, it’s a nice regular present to myself from myself. Theatre means a lot for me, and I can’t understand why. I would feel  bad when I don’t visit it for a long time period. I need to read something to switch my brain from computer on something another and !smart =) I like cafes with nice interiors,  good music and yummy tea.

Collect money not for the car, but for a summer vacation.

What’s wrong with me? I don’t know. Sometimes I think that it’s really odd and not right. But when it makes me happier how it could be wrong?

That’s why I don’t care. I live. I like it.


On one of the English classes we read a story about Hemingway who was given to right a six-words story. Then we tried to write our own six-words story. It was the day when I’ve written my motto:

        Have No regrets, keep on moving.

Keep on moving! Make yourself happy! 🙂


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