Alice Merton – No Roots

Seriously, who haven’t heard this song yet?

But I cannot NOT to talk about it as it’s one of my absolute favourites. A true inspiration.

The song is a debut single of Alice Merton, German-Canadian-English singer-songwriter. It was released on the 3rd of February, 2017 and skyrocketed in the charts.

Everybody was freaking out:

– Wow! What a song! But who is Alice Merton? Is this a debut song? WHAAAAT?!

And it is a debut! Oh god! But how, how could it ever happen?

And it all makes perfect sense when you know the roots of all that.

Alice was born in Germany, then she with the parents moved to the US, then to Canada, then – to Germany, then – to England… She was moving so many times, it’s not surprising why these ‘I have no roots’ thoughts were born.

I like standing still but that’s a wishful plan
Ask me where I come from, I’ll say a different land

Oh, Alice I feel it! I feel it! I can rely to that too!

Alice was classically trained from a very young age, she wanted to become an opera singer. But then realised she wasn’t good enough. That’s when she decided to take a break from it and follow her true self. She started making her own music.

However, making her own music wasn’t that easy. It’s better to say, releasing it wasn’t that easy. All the major recoding companies refused to release ‘No Roots’ as is. They highly recommended to modify the song, they wanted to change it. Hell no, that’s wasn’t for Alice so she kept looking. And she found! Together with her producer they decided to make her own Record Company, Paper Plane Records. Paper Plane… Because it will either fly high or crash, just like a paper plane.
As you can see, it’s flying high. And the sky is not the limit.

Oh, and why I decided to tell you all that?
…all of a sudden.

There is a reason.

Funny story, for the first time, Alice heard her record on radio in a taxi in Germany. She was heading to the airport to fly from Germany to England. Right before she got on a taxi she stepped in a dog’s poo… [ewww… we’re all humans..] She was supper annoyed and angry about that. Don’t forget I happened right before the flight. But suddenly… she heard her record on radio! What a huge surprise! The mood changed – the sun got up, all wars stopped. Piece and ‘No Roots’…

Funny story, I was super angry before heading home after the skate after I stepped in dog’s poo yesterday night! But then.. ‘No Roots’ started playing in my car and all the negativity was gone… Magic! What’s more, I had my crazy ideas of what I can do with this song – all excited to make it happen! Also, I decided to write about that song.
That awkward moment when dog’s poo unites….


Listening to Alice live is all another above-the-imagination experience. She’s soo real and smart and beautiful! And surprisingly, the singing sounds even better than on recording. How is it even possible?! I guess, this is a perk of a classical training.

Listening Alice live, I realised where I need to be and why.
A sudden personal discovery right in the middle of the show, yay!

She is touring in the US in October. Highly recommend to visit!


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