Increasing vocabulary

Vocabulary learning is the most useful and at the same time difficult part of learning a new language. I have not a very good memory, it’s tough for me to memorize something for a time interval longer than 3 minutes. That’s why I tried plenty of methods. I can’t say they didn’t work. But I hadn’t seen a lot of use of it. There were school methods like

  • writing a dictations with translations (and this one is the worst),
  • putting words to learn into a website and trying to do exercises with them,
  • searching a picture which is close to the word’s meaning and trying to guess the word by the picture,
  • drawing words…

I hadn’t seen it’s really working! Mb the methods with pictures were the best for me. But it’s not working as good as I wanted. I’d already started to think it’s something wrong with me…

BTW, I watched loads of movies about how to make it better. Finally, I found some really useful sensible one some days ago! Here it is:

Funny thing that it’s not new for me to hear about a cards method of learning a new vocabulary. But this guy persuaded me to try this! I’ve tried. And.. PROFIT!



I’ve just opened notebook with the words from English classes, written them into the cards, written sentences on another side. And that’s it! I have the cards near me all the time. I can look at them whenever I want. It’s going straight into your blood and you will remember this word. If you forgot something, you could look on it in the sentence and guess the meaning from the context. That’s it!

How could I live before? 🙂


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