Why I would never go to Allan Rayman’s concert

It’s been a time since I were on Allan Rayman’s concert… but I didn’t write about it. It doesn’t look right as I’ll never ever ever go on his concert and you MUST know why. The things like this should be publicly revealed. Please, be aware 🙂

I decided to write this post after all these months simply because I have a post about Allan Rayman’s song here. I also see that people google his name and listen to that song. So please read this.

On the 28th of September (yes, a while ago) of 2017 I was happy to witness how the familiar tracks transform into something bigger and more magical. I was excited to go to the concert of Allan Rayman, a dude who’s music I’ve been listening to for a couple of years but who seemed so far away… And now… here it is… all by himself in his own show in Ford Theatre in L.A.


It is a beautiful amphitheatre, a masterpiece. When the mountain turns into a venue and trees behind are the main decorations of the stage… It started nicely when Mariachi appeared and started play and sing. However it didn’t last long. So… now opening act… nothing… just the audience who decided to eat and drink first.

Well… yes, I did make a big mistake – I came on time. But I didn’t know how bad it was as the time was passing by and nothing… nothing was happening…

One Hour and Forty Minutes HE decided to show up.

He sang the first song without any apologies, introduction or anything.

He realised he didn’t check the sound SO he decided to do it right there, just IN THE MIDDLE of his own Delayed show.

He sang another song.

He stopped in the middle of it and began giving instructions to the sound crew.

He blamed the SOUND ENGINEER for the delay.
WHAT? Seriously??
YES, he did.

He started the song over again.

It wasn’t a nice experience of listening to it. He sang well enough, but the moods were wrong for the moment. I couldn’t enjoy it. It reminded me of the rehearsals… It all looked like a joke. However, it wasn’t funny that the joke was around My time and My mood.

The epic moment which defined it all was when he started ‘dancing’ around saying:

– FAME! It is all NOT about you, it’s about ME! It’s about MY FAME!

He also shouted ‘Fuck you’ and all of that. Like he’s so cool so he doesn’t care even about his audience.


The singer who doesn’t respect the audience… It’s even unbelievably to believe.

I was doubting about what to do. Listen to some more songs as I waited too much for that or just go home. I decided to listed to a couple of more.

But then…

As soon as that couple was finished, the concert ended.

Yeah, it was One Hour and Forty Minutes of the waiting AND 40 Minutes of the show
…with the sound check in the middle.

I was pissed off by all of it.

I talked to one fan on the way out. She said Allan Rayman is ALWAYS that late of his shows.

It is not OK, man.

Since that I’ve never even listened to his music.

I ain’t got time no more

and I will NOT go to his show after that.

Bye-Bye, Allan Rayman. Sorry, but you’re an idiot.

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