Some of you were asking about modern Belarusian music. Here it is.
Meet Sounduk, my favourite music band.
They have the sound, they have the texts, they have the soul. Their concerts are more like interactive theatrical performances. Being on their live shows is an absolutely unique experience, not sure if have never seen anything like that.
This song is called ‘Peace’.
With a simple but deep text and beautiful melody, the song makes you fly high. Above all the negativity, struggles and loss.
To everyone who hears this – Peace…’
Right now the group is going to the… unknown.
The leader of the group, Anna Khitrik, is moving to Israel for the sake of her son’s future.
The turning point was when her son was diagnosed with autism. They couldn’t find good therapy in Belarus and flew to Israel. After the therapy, the things were getting better. Anna, who’s also an actress, became a therapist and started working in a Center for Helping Autistic Children.
Now she’s moving to Israel so her son could get enough help and support and move forward to a brighter future.

The group played their last concert on the 2nd of October 2017.
Damn it, I wasn’t there…
She flew away but promised to come back.
The group is still there.
The music doesn’t die.
…simply because
‘Spring is in her moves,
Spring is in her songs.
Don’t be afraid, listen:
Spring loves the courageous!’
Now the text of their song ‘Spring’ handles a good-luck message to Anna herself.
[Please, note that the song ‘Spring’ is in Belarussian language. So if you want to listen to it – that’s the best way to do it.]
Good luck on the way!
However, the music is here. It will always be like that.
…and I believe in future concerts.
Thank you.

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