Hey May! – a playlist for a good start

Making a playlist is like connecting puzzle pieces – each song should fit its neighbours. And it’s even more tricky – you should create each puzzle piece with your memories…

On a May Day I’d like to present you a playlist with a music which shaped my April. I’ve been busy – too many things are happening around. Mostly good once and I’m extremely happy to be the part of those and to shape those parts. Where is music? Everywhere!

Starting with a ‘Diggy Bop‘ song of Noname rapper from Chigago, the childhood memories, youth mistakes and ..joy. A hypnotic song which I can’t turn off. Not new, released at the end of July 2016, one of accidentally cached somewhere on FB.

Sylvan Esso ‘Rewind’, a song about growing up and developing the personality while watching movies, connecting to a  family and society. Fresh song released on the 28th of April from the album ‘What Now’.

..and another fresh track Recovery by French producer Duumu. Released on the 14th of April. Dynamic refreshing track. It is good for recovery 🙂 Calm the hell down…

Calm down? Another love story. Another love story about 2 souls connecting together. A love bomb… ‘We come 1’, a 2003 hip-hop-electro-dance explosion from a British band Faithless.

‘Loyalty loyalty loyalty…’ Who’s not listening to Kendric Lamar now? Damn! That’s the album! Another 14th of April newcomer. ‘Loyalty’ – Kendric Lamar ft. Rihanna.

Shake your body now. A track from my friend, Steve Stylez, who I met this April. The track was born 2 years ago, but I met it with the Steve not that long ago. ‘Everybody get lit, yo!’ Steve Stylez – Lit (ft. Fetty Wap, Mike Rosa & D Mils)

Another yo-track – ‘All Of the Lights’ by Kanye West. I was still at school when this song was born in 2007. Still love this energy!

Moving to a new crazy beautiful song of Australian singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist Tash Sultana – ‘Murder To The Mind’. Love the mad energy of her tracks. After the ‘Jungle’ and ‘Notion’ on the 21st of April, she’s releasing another killer song!

Seriously, what can be stronger than love? The superior of all the feelings… ‘Love is mystical’ by Cold War Kids. From February till now…

Calming down again… Another attempt. This time with English singer Lapsley. Just love her vocals. The best for slowing down, thinking… But how many feelings are here? A throwback to 2014 with ‘Station’ song. One of the favourites… Of all times.

I’m sure, all remember a massive hit of Coldplay ‘Hymn For The Weekend’. The reborn of the song was on the 20th of March. Chilling vibes from Izzamusic. Think deeply…

Some indie music with soft electro beat from French producer Seth XVI. ‘Give it all’ is a kind of track you never forget… Hearing it once turns into a deep wish to find the song and hear more… ‘Misunderstood….’ [the 23rd of March 2017]

‘Yes-yes, I’ll call you back’ …maybe – I like to say. Strong beat and a strong connection to a February track ‘Call you back’ by British DJs Josh Butler and Bontan. How could I miss this in February?

Another strong beat song. This time – with a rapping about life from a talented DAP The Contract, a rapper with a background with classical music and playing piano. How this could be bad? Catchy ‘Right Now’ released with the album ‘Two Roads EP’ on the 28th of April.

And here’re the dreamy sounds which came straight from Santa Monica. Why? Because my another new friend played it while I was skating. ‘Paris Collides’, 2011 year song from Australian band RUFUS. 2011? New for me.)

Not so long ago I discovered NF rapper. His songs are so emotional – impossible not to react. And I love them. Here’s the 2016 year’s song ‘I Just Wanna Know’ about another painful breakage… It’s like a hook. Can’t get from it…

Enough of pain and anger. Here’s another song to get over. ‘Faithful’ from Californian rapper Phora. [14th of April 2017]

With the next song I LOVE to skate.
…thinking I’m Unforgettable (just kidding 🙂 ). The song was released on the 7th of April 2017 after almost the half of the year of its …first release. French Montana shared on Instagram the first version of the song. Then it was remixed and released officially.

‘Running From The Life’ by French producers Picard Brothers and a singer Boy Matthews is also a song good for skating. Running from the life, from the troubles, problems and pain to the freedom of speed and wind. Me my skates and I.  [14th of April 2017]

Today, today, live like you wanna
Let yesterday burn and throw it in a fire
In a fire, in a fire
Fight like a warrior

Enging with a beautiful hope-giving song ‘Live Like a Warrior’ from American reggae and alternative rock musician Matisyahu. Jamaica sounds from 2011 which still feel bright light and fresh.

You only live one life
Let go, let go, let go

to the May!


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