The Song Of 02/24/2017: KeBlack – Bazardée

Move your body with French vibes today! Yo!

Ah ah bazardée, ah elle est bazardée

The song of a rapper KeBlack, released on November 18, 2016, is a French hit.

In spite of relaxing dance rhythms, the song has a deep meaning. It’s about a 16 years old girl who dreams of love and romance, does nothing – just waits for the price… Starts to hang out with everybody… Her parents can’t make her realise that all those men are not that great as she imagines
…till one day, when he disappeared and she’s pregnant.

Dear musicians, how could you put together such a drama-full lyrics and a fun melody?

Anyway, I love this song. And I love French… everything sounds nice on this language, even horrifying lyrics.

Happy Friday!


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