Jan Beats 2017


Happy February!

It’s been a difficult month. You can go through each day with my music – Jan Beats 2017 is here!
[listen on Spotify]

Enjoy the music.

I’m happy I’ve overcome this month. I am still alive, still passionate, still… in love with music. This is the main thing. So one more time…

Happy February, everybody!

The Song Of 01/31/2017: Eels – I Need Some Sleep

The Song Of 01/30/2017: Black Coffee – Your Eyes (feat. Shekhinah)

The Song Of 01/29/2017: Alina Baraz – Electric Feat. Khalid

The Song Of 01/28/2017: Lick Twist & Julius Jones Jr – High Bun

The Song Of 01/27/2017: Fort Minor – High Road

The Song Of 01/26/2017: NoMBe – Wait

The Song Of 01/25/2017: Superwalkers – Seagulls

The Song Of 01/24/2016: Ne-Yo – So Sick

The Song Of 01/23/2017: José González – Stay Alive

The Song Of 01/22/2017: Ghost Town – Low

The Song Of 01/21/2017: NAVI – Гісторыя майго жыцця [Story of my life]

The Song Of 01/20/2017: Allan Rayman – 25.22

The Song Of 01/19/2017: Alice Jemima – No Diggity

The Song Of 01/18/2017: RAYE – Shhh

The Song Of 01/17/2017: J-Five – Find A Way

The Song Of 01/16/2017: Jeremih – Tonight Belongs To U!

The Song Of 01/15/2017: Robbie Williams – Love My Life

The Song Of 01/14/2017: Black Saint – Could You Love Me

The Song Of 01/13/2017: Passion Pit – Sleepyhead

The Song Of 01/12/2017: Chance The Rapper – All Night

The Song Of 01/11/2017: Ed Sheeran – Shape Of You

The Song Of 01/10/2017: Alabama Shakes – Don’t Wanna Fight

The Song Of 01/09/2017: Queen Ft. David Bowie – Under Pressure

The Song Of 01/08/2017: Ella Henderson – Ghost

The Song Of 01/07/2017: RAY BLK – My Hood ft. Stormzy

The Song Of 01/06/2017: Left Boy – Get It Right

The Song Of 01/05/2017: U2 – Beautiful Day

The Song Of 01/04/2017: Francis and the Lights – See Her Out

The Song Of 01/03/2017: The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony

The Song Of 01/02/2017: Guy Sebastian – Tonight Again

The Song Of 01/01/2017: Tom Misch – Crazy Dream [feat. Loyle Carner]


I’ve chosen this photo because it feels like this month. I started roller-skating again after more than a year break! This is the thing that happened me not to go crazy.


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