newsoulmelody on Spotify

Hey! Today is the birthday of newsoulmelody Spotify account!

Listening to great music is simple! Just open the app, follow newsoulmelody – bang, you’ll get a playlist with amazing music, selected with love and passion!

Variety of styles and genres – it’s diverse, it’s different.
Variety of emotions and energy levels. Swings – you’ll never get bored!
[we are all mad here…]

The Playlists are monthly results of Song Of The Day project. Unfortunately, not all songs  are presented on Spotify, so the playlists on Youtube and Spotify might be a bit different… No worries, the energy, styles and artists are there, the same, cool and unforgetful!


There’s only one playlist right now.
But February is coming.
New month – new playlist! Yay!


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