The Song Of 01/18/2017: RAYE – Shhh

When I start thinking that everything is more or less straightforward, figured out and settled down… the new wave of craziness and mess is coming.

What’s next, damn it?

You can leave, you can leave, I don’t want you to speak
So why you here in my ear? Talkin’, talkin’ to me
No just
(Shhh, shhh, shhh)
No just
(Shhh, shhh, shhh)

I’ll be afraid of news soon… Any kind of… Just leave me alone!

The song here is about the mood. You can feel the tension from the very beginning. It’s growing.

Starts roaring then…
No just
(Shhh, shhh, shhh)

That’s how I can myself down.

‘Shhh’ is the song of Raye, Rachel Keen, British singer-songwriter. Everyone knows Jax Jones’ ‘You don’t know me’ single. Who’s voice is there? Right! It’s Raye. Strong beautiful vocals. Impossible to forget!

‘Shhh’ is the song from her second extended play named…

Dance-pop-R&B beats that will make you groove!

Btw, she studied at BRIT school [performing arts and technology school] and dropped out after 2 years. That didn’t feel right for her – too narrow. After all of that, she became who she is and she is a beautiful strong singer-songwriter.

Thank you for the strength, Raye.


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