The Song Of 01/02/2017: Guy Sebastian – Tonight Again

Keep singing this song in my head all day. All night.

I don’t want tomorrow
Oh, baby, tonight’s so good
Tonight’s so good…

Just because I should leave home soon. I mean, to leave my mother’s home, and go over the ocean.
Where is home?..

Oh Everyone’s got their problems
There’s always something on your mind
Oh but tonight we ain’t gotta solve them
For now, let’s leave them all behind

Can’t solve my problem, so just keep singing the song by Australian singer-songwriter, Guy Sebastian. This song won the 5th place in Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Yep, Australia has participated in Eurovision since 2015.

Guy Sebastian was the first winner of Australian Idol. Here he’s the first representer of the country. Started with good result.

Btw, he’s a cool guy as he is the only male artist to have ever achieved six number one singles and two number one albums in Australian chart history!

And btw, he wrote and record the song specifically for Eurovision in only a week.

Do whatchya whatchya whatchya want
Do whatchya whatchya whatchya want…


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