One letter which changed it all…

Today I received a letter. A real letter with stamps. A real letter delivered by snail mail.

Well.. to be honest, I received the letter earlier, but I was told not to open it before New Year. Today I opened it, read the message and.. I do think I received it today, in the first day of New 2017 Year.

Almost crying…
Now crying..
Tears of happiness.
I’m so grateful and happy to receive THIS kind of message.


When I go through a rough patch, when I feel detached and lost, when I feel like there’s something wrong with me, I will read your letter. It has that needed doze of… You summed up and wrote in one sentence my biggest aspiration, my aim, my pursuit. Thank you. Thank you for this.

And you’re absolutely right – I still haven’t done even 1% of what I potentially can. I promise to do more. Easier now, when I have written Pursuit, when I figured out the thing I want to do.
Thank you, my True Friend.

P. S.
The Word matters.


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