The Song Of 12/31/2016: WizKid – Daddy Yo


There are too many old songs around.. Everybody’s trying to create this magical special atmosphere before the New Year’s eve.. I’m sick of it… I hear the same songs each year.. again and again.. I hear the very same from my 3rd grade! Hey, I graduated from school and from uni and even forgot how it all was…

For God’s sake.. please, UPDATE your playlists!

See it as a kind of rebel. On the last day of 2016, I’m posting a fresh new song from WizKid. I’m posting a party mood, hip-hop beats. I’m posting damn freshness! Let it be fresh!

Move your body.
Shake your body.
Wanna see you twerk!

Wizzy boy, make me dance
Daddy Yo, make me dance
StarBoy, make me dance
Daddy Yo, make me dance

WizKid, aka Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, is a Nigerian singer-songwriter. This super-cool lad started his career at 11 years old! Reggie, afro-beats, afro-pop – you can hear these in his music. He works hard, he knows how to make a RAVE!

The singer has been working too hard recently. He’s been touring for 2 years – one show after another. And that had an impact on his health. He had to cancel his shows in December and in January as well. It was a recommendation from doctors as he needs to fix his health.

Still… he released ‘Daddy Yo’ hit in December, on the 22 of December, to be precise.

Thank you, WizKid for a cool New Year song! Get better soon!

Happy New Year, dear readers!
I wish you New Playlists in the New Year!

Have a FRESH year!


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