Ready for 2017

I’m going to try to sum up the year here… That is never easy, but I believe that’s extremely difficult to sum up 2016. Because of too many changes… Because of too many thoughts…

I’m going to call 2016 The Year of Changes.

This year I tried really hard to find Me. This year I travelled so much that couldn’t imagine before. I wanted to see, to feel, to touch new countries, new places, I wanted to breathe in ‘different’ air, I wanted to meet new people, I wanted to face another kind of mentality…

And damn it, I succeeded!

I visited Latvia and Estonia for the first time in 2016. Can’t say I enjoyed these countries that much, but needed to check it all… I kept searching… I still felt England is the perfect country to live in… I still desperately wanted changes.

When I entered a driving school, I had no idea, how different my life would be after. Studies weren’t easy… I tried to figure out what the hell was wrong with me and accidentally met a book [‘Driven to Distraction at Work: How to Focus and Be More Productive’ by Edward M. Hallowell] which helped to realise my biggest weakness.


After that, the life started to be simpler. Funny thing, but with a realisation of the biggest weakness came the understanding of the biggest strength. With the help of that, some more things started to seem not that harsh.

Got a driving licence.

Two weeks after rented a car and made the first Belorussian trip: Minsk – Khatyn – Vileyka – Naroch – Postavy – Vidzy – Braslav – Braslav Lakes National Park – Miory – Verhnedvinsk – Polotsk – Glubokoe – Naroch – Blue Lakes National Park – Smorgon – Minsk.
I’ve done it! It’s possible even with 2 weeks driver licence.
And it was an eye-opening – I had more fun than on vacations abroad! The route wasn’t that planned. I’m good with improv, yeah!


Bought a car and was terribly deceived here…
Had another Big Belorussian trip – that time bigger, it was on vacation and it all finished earlier than planned because
..bumped into another car – had my first accident, paid my first fine.
Fixed car problems with the help of good people around. Thank you that I have you around!!
Sold a car… Almost deceived here again – but had already been experienced with all the sh*t and didn’t make it happen.

With all those car troubles I understood that

  • is just a car. I shouldn’t worry too much about that. And all these material things… I’m bad with those… btw, in 2016 I lost smartphone again… But who cares? It’s all that material sh*t…
  • I’m surrounded by good people! I can find help when I need it!
  • You absolutely can save money by not riding a car and yes, petrol is expensive… But a car itself is a perfect opportunity to travel wherever you want whenever you want. And it’s hundreds of percents stupid not to use it.

This year I met an internet friend for the first time.. after years! He’s absolutely real and he looked and acted like I imagined. Wow! That’s something.

This year I met a boy who’s smart funny and caring – the mix I needed.

This year I met creative artistic people connection with which I missed through the years.

This year I moved to L. A., btw. The biggest step in my life. On the continent over the ocean, I had all ups and downs. I don’t even know what else is going to happen there. But.. nevertheless, I love this place… I want to return there because…
this is a place where I found what I really like.



What a year!

Btw, I started Song Of The Day project which I love, which I continue, in which I literraly LIVE!

..and this year I realised a very simple.. obvious thing:

you need to be you to meet right people, to collect mysteriously magical super-helpful coincidences. Being honest with yourself matters more that you can imagine. Just try.

After such a Big Year I don’t know what goals I should set for 2017.
They always…
Too difficult to complete, you know.. But the problem with them is always that they are not realistic. So I’ll better think about them a little bit more…

But I do have one wish for 2017.

2016, thank you for all the good things I received from you and for the very best I could find – the thing I really like to do!

2017, please, just let me do something with it.

..never wanted more.
..never wanted less.

Happy New 2017 Year!
Let it be the Year Of Moving Forward!


Thank you for reading this blog, thank you for following me. It does mean much… Grateful and happy to have you, friends!


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