The Song Of 12/21/2016: Beck – Hollywood Freaks

Flashback to Ilf and Petrov and their ‘One-storied America’ again. They wrote that America is a country which is interesting to explore, but it’s not that country you want to live in.

Came back, miss it all.

After the Hollywood post, after recalling how it is to be on Hollywood Blvd, after looking through all the photos and after editing some of the shots, today’s song is ‘Hollywood Freaks’ by Beck.

Treat you real good
Expensive jeans
Hollywood freaks on the Hollywood scene
Touch it real good if you want a piece
Party people know I’m that type of freak

Beck, born Bek David Campbell, is an American musician, singer-songwriter, rapper, multi-instrumentalist, record producer… He likes to experiment with styles and genres, he’s making it all fresh and unique. The songs sound especially good with his ironic lyrics.

No doubt, Beck knows what he’s rapping about in ‘Hollywood Freaks’ as in his childhood he lived just near the Hollywood Blvd. That atmosphere that could never be forgotten..

Enjoy the bizarre song of Beck’s ‘Midnite Vultures’ album of 1999.



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