United Airlines – the sponsor of today’s worries

The Sponsor of today’s worries – United Airlines. United Airlines, we’ll try to do all, possible and impossible, to lose your CARRY-ON Luggage!

Well, its’ better to sleep sometimes.. It’s reallygood idea to sleep >5-6 hours in a week before flight. To sleep about !at least 6-7 hours before the exhausting, dead long flight!
Don’t understand it?
hmm.. wait a minute… I do..
The question is.. how much coffee I can drink and how many hours with music I can spend still satisfied and feeling ?alive?

It all happens sooo fast and easy.. Surreality. Sitting on the floor near the socket, happy, with phone, texting to That continent that it everything’s on time, all good. Next – you change one bording pass into another, with the filled in seat secion. Then, waiting for your boarding group to be named. Then suddenly – you are called personally, by the name, in the last group. Queue. Waiting. Luggage tag? Ok. Let’s keep it. Alright. Long hot corridor. Warm air’s coming from the ceiling, dances around you its hmm.. dirty dances, haha, erotics, eya, and you have no choice as to slowly and softly start falling sleep on this very minute. That’s the minute you’re trying to get on the plain! The first flight of today’s set of 3. Damn it, that’s important!
..you’re kindly asked to leave your carry-on luggage near the door of the plain. Next, politely pushed forward into the board. The seat, a nice pillow, headphones, ipod. Ready to fly. Looong waaay home….

WHAAAT? Whait a minute, where, the hell, is my little suitcase?..
Uh, too late anyway..
Asked stuardesses – they said it’d be flying straight to Minsk with my BIG luggage. WHAAAAT? MY LAPTOP ID THERE!!!! HOW COULD THIS BE POSSIBLE?!
F*ck it… my work is there. That’s a laptop for WORK. IT’S DAMN IMPORTANT!!!

..and what can I do know, while waiting for another flight. They told it’s too late… they told I have no time anyway.
The things are not under my control again.. what can I even do here?.. pray?

“I keep going to the river to pray
‘Cause I need something that can wash out the pain..”
Change ‘river’ to the ocean here…
And damn it I’m flying away from Santa Monica!


The ‘carry-on’ arrived with another suitcase in Minsk. All safe. All good..


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