Pickup master

Santa Monica, what are you doing.. Oh, stop it! 😀


One day a guy in Lyft T-shirt came from the crowd:

– Hello!

– Hi!

– Do you use Lyft?

– Yes, I do, thank you.
[no-no-no, guys, I have millions of you flyers and don’t need one more…]

– Do you like it?

– Oh, sure! Really comfortable, easy to use!
[never tried that, btw..]

– Ok…
*pause* *pause*
Do you have a boyfriend?

– Yes..

– Do you like black people?

– Yes..

– Do you want to hang out tonight?

– No, thanks.

– ?!Why?!

– Because I have a boyfriend.

– Oh.. Ok.. Where is he?

– He’s right here. On tha-a-a-a-at bench…

– Oh, ok. Sorry… Have a nice evening!

– Thank you. Have a good evening too…

What on Earth was that?
..and I don’t need that Lyft flyers, btw.. 😀


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