I will NOT

Not so long one of my school teachers asked me to help her with a ..blog. She asked me as I am somebody who can do with computer everything = software engineer. She asked me in a private message in FB, while I’m over the ocean and she’s in my hometown. She asked me to help her with the blog she doesn’t really care about. She asked me to help with the blog she really doesn’t want to know ever!

It wasn’t really a nice request – it was like, you can do this – please, do!


Yes, I know that’s my teacher and I should respect people like this, but… sorry it’s time for me to say NO.

I’m happy to help struggling colleague at work.
I’m happy to help anyone by giving the best advice I can.
I’m happy to share my knowledge and help somebody to do something him/her-self!

But I’ll never do somebody’s job. I’ll never work for somebody.
This is not help.
Don’t mess it up.

It is a Lose-Lose situation.
You do the real work, you don’t like it, you do it to be nice, per request. WHAT?!!! Loss!
The person who asked you use your product, presents it perfectly and.. wins. [Wait a minute, should be ‘Loses’? Here it is..] Then receives another similar task because now this person is an expert in something and… LOSS! Damn it, just another pain in the ass!

Please, don’t ask me to do something which I don’t like.
Please, don’t try to involve me into another ”super”-‘beneficial’ business which I don’t f*cking care about, in which I don’t even believe.
Please, don’t even try to make me your work – this will never actually work!

I have enough of nasty things to do every day. From 9 to 5. Monday to Friday.
I have enough of people who tell me what to do.

I have ALL the reasons to skip that external pushes.

I need some time for me.


My evenings are not that long. I need some time for dinner, I need some time to switch my brain off from work and make it possible process another type of information. I need some time to switch my mood. I need some time to actually do some real work I but nobody needs!

Btw, this is the most important.
Btw, this ‘most important’ tend to have the least of time…

So why are you trying to steal MY dearest piece of time?

That is not even a question.
I will say NO.

Don’t event try.

I will NOT.

..That’s what my ethical egoism is.


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