The toughest moments that make you

When the days go like crazy and I can’t restore their flow event by event.. I start to realise who I am and what I need to do.

After moving to Cali I can’t recall a day without a major event, can’t recall a day without something challenging, fresh, new, strongly moving ahead and destroying everything on its way. A hurricane – that’s what my life is like. I had all the moments of ups and downs, something got wrong, something right, had a little moments of complete full utter stillness  followed by a strongest explosion followed by a deepest depression. Gifts and money loose; being on the very top and living through the heaviest tiredness with sleeping while doing morning exercises, with feeling half-alive, half-dead for the rest of the day; the biggest moments of misunderstanding, the biggest moments of connection, recognition and being understood.

I’m having it all now. It’s not finished.

Today I’m here, tomorrow I’m thehere. The day after? Have no idea what life will throw into my face next.

But you know what? It all happens for a reason. And it’s never more than you can handle.

Now I’m in the biggest retro-session in my whole life.

3 simple questions:

  • What was good?
  • What was right?
  • What needs to be improved?

And on the top of those – Who I am? :0

There’re a lot of sh*t around, it could grow and avalanche in one second on your head. It can break you, but you should survive. Because usually there’s nothing more than we can handle.

These extreme situations make you. That’s probably the only points that really make you and no matter what you should be grateful for what you are now.

There’re many people that found their true thing after some terrible loss, after a threat of death. That’s when we tend to analyse our life, rethink and dig deeper inside ourselves.

You’re lucky if you need a smaller trigger.

I believe I have enough for now.

Thrown at the crazy project at work, been deceived couple of times, couple of times totally lost without any understanding who I can trust and who I can not, pushed from all sides to work harder and even harder…

Stop it! I hate all of this!

And that’s when I found out
I’m surrounded by not only nasty things, but by music! I love it! I hear it from everywhere! I feel it!
And that’s when I realised I love to write about that. And now I know for sure what makes me, what I need to do.

Need little bit of inspiration? Easy! Just play your favourite song! Just stop by a street musician – don’t rush.


Can’t sing, but can be a grateful listener.

Now I have the strongest understanding of what I need to be happy. Here, in L. A., it seems extremely close, dead real.. This time I can’t miss it.


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