Being an Artist is the biggest challenge ever

Good Morning!

As usual, tons of things are happening around and yesterday I was happy, grateful for that as I realised what I really want and what I really need. Even started writing about it but the night came – finish and post it today. But never-mind..

The point here that I found That Thing yesterday and today morning my theory about a happy chain of coincidences has been proven!

Today Youtube accidentally presented this:

Here’s a TED talk by Tash Sultana about her life difficulties, about the choice she made in her toughest moments to be happy and do her thing. And from that point of realisation step by step she !accidentally met the right people, started recordings. Now she’s a musician touring all over the world!

Being an artist is one of the most difficult things in life.. Ones you decide this – some of your so-called friends will laugh into your face, some of them will make a deep breath, pat you on the back and say without any hope..: ‘Good luck’.
..and that’s when you actually can differentiate the right and wrong people around.

You must be ready for that challenge of not-fitting anywhere.
People will always think you’re strange. People will think you’re weird. But some day they’ll recognise. That doesn’t mean they understand – this will never happen. But they’ll say:

‘God, she’s crazy but I love it!’

Artists are the strongest people in this world… but with fragile little child inside. Don’t hurt them. They have enough..


..this talk came up at the very right time. Thank you, Universe! ..this proves I’m doing if right.


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