The Song Of 12/05/2016: SOHN – Congrad

‘I can feel it coming, we can never go back
I can feel, I can feel it coming
We can never go back’

Today it’s a great song from an amazing English musician SOHN (Christopher Taylor). 2 years after his fist album ‘Tremors’ he’s about to release ‘Rennen’, his new album. Release date is 13th of January and I can’t wait to get it as I’ve been listening to ‘Tremors’ for 2 years and still love it!

Should I say that the song was first presented on Annie Mac’s [my favourite DJ] show on BBC Radio 1 [my favourite radio station]?

Should I say I feel the atmosphere this record which was made all during nighttime hours?

Should I say SOHN has recently moved to L.A.?

Should I say I fully understand that German word ‘Rennen’ which means ‘to run’?

…too many coincidences. That’s all for good, right?


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