Hello from L.A.!

It’s been a long time since my last post here. I’m back again as I feel a strong necessity in writing… I hope this time it’ll last longer considering how much is happening around and how many thoughts is all generates.

Tons of news… The biggest one is that I’m in the City of Angels now. I’ll live here for a year, still not sure what I decide to do later. I moved at September, the company I work for relocated me here and there’re many stories around.. Some of them are good, some of them – not. The point is while I’m here I’d like to enjoy every minute, every second of being here…


Running into that much problems has it’s own bright side. I’m still in a long process of re-thinking, analysing all my previous experience. Retrospective of the whole life..

May be it’s middle age crisis at my twenties. If so – I have it chronically..

Don’t really want this be a long post. It’s just a reminder that the blog still exists, I’m alive. Let it be a pilot post for the new format (oops, I keep promising this each year).

And let the journey begin!


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