The Secret of Happiness

One of my colleagues agreed to tell me some work details if I would tell him a secret of happiness. I believe he used that as an example of something unreachable just to let me know that he’s ready to help me anyway.

Funny thing, I believe in existence of such a secret as little children believe in Santa (btw, not only little – believe in him as well 🙂 ). Moreover in my world the whole sense of living is just following this secret, trying to live as it tells you to do. As simple as it is..

So please take a deep breath, make yourself comfortable and listen carefully…


Happiness is in giving.
[from that – no need to read more but if you’d really like – there’s more explanation further.]
It is in creating, producing, presenting and seeing it in action.

Recall the thing you like the most. Recall that special feeling when you’ve done that the best you could and presented the result to somebody. Recall that wonder in someone’s eyes, changed by curiosity, then replaces by pure joy.

Isn’t that the true happiness?

For me it is.
The goal is to bring this feeling to the daily life.
To feel That day after day.
That what happy life is. It’s composed of tiny things which last hours or minutes. or even seconds.


The secret is simple – just do what you love the best you can.
For this
that special thing needs to be found,
for this
you should break rules, stand out and be yourself,
for this
you need to create the world around you and make it your own.
Doing it all you’ll have a reason to wake up every morning.
And, please, notice that there’s nothing about others – it’s all you. It’s all your choice to help, your choice to give, your choice to care.

I’m on the way. You?


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