‘Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less’ by Greg McKeown

I could say by the time of reading this, I was pretty tired of motivational and psychological books. My friend recommended me ‘Essentialism’ characterising it as rather interesting, easy-reading and pretty clever book. ‘With curious example’ – he added then. I was hooked by ‘easy-reading’ 🙂 without any other thing in mind I started reading it.

..and was pretty impressed – I loved it! Page by page Greg McKeown explains providing bright examples why it’s important to pay attention to only few thing and do not care about most of stuff around. It’s simply unimportant, junk, shit.. it’s inessential!

Rather than doing both things somehow, it’s far more better to chose only one and do it brilliantly. I’m always the who desperately needs time.. more time.. 24h in a day? oh, please prolong it to 30 – I will do everything I want and a bit more.. +youtube watching, FB reading, watching nice pics on Instagram.. Why on earth I need the last ..10?! Goddamn, I have to cut my ‘wants’ a bit. You see quotes because it’s not even my wants, it’s silly instincts of the 21st century me.

BTW, my pursuit of doing everything I want affects my sleep. 5-6 hours per day became the norm. Guess, how I feel at the end of the week? 🙂 Right, I cannot do anything important which simply means loosing the whole evening! That’s one more thing described in the book – a sleep should be a priority. The chapter about this has a convincing example about a guy who forget how to sleep, struggled with it, came to the moment when he needed professional help and.. Read it yourself 🙂

Also I always was a bit scary of doing funny little thing pretending I’m someone important.. This was a play in a brilliant day of my life, the best part of my character and so on. I felt like I’m losing time on silliness while I could do something really ‘important’ (or watch cats on FB pics). Greg says the play is important for mind and creativity and recalls children plays when nobody thought it was waist of time.

Another thing to mention is celebration of small successes. Millions of times I though something like – ‘calm the hell down, it’s not the final point, wait till the last step and then… say hooray’. At the end of all these crap most of the times I was in that state when I couldn’t even say anything, not only cry ‘hooray’ – almost lost my spirit. Just because I was too busy to feed my Muse – I was killing it… Small things celebration is essential. Impossibly long distance can be reached only with filling it with many small steps. The more you go – the more ‘fuel’ you need. Feed your Muse. 🙂

Luckily I could always say honest ‘no’ to anyone and almost never regretted about ‘being rude’ saying this. I was happily reading this chapter when I came to the main understanding why it’s so good: ‘If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will‘. I see this at work every day and can’t understand why these poor guys are working overtime without any additional payment, when they could force their skills and time on self-improvement or at least working for money… If I didn’t have my selfish interest in doing something better of faster, I would not do it. Sorry for that 🙂

Finding joy in the journey is the key. Worrying about past or future, why not to think about present? This is the time and place you’re in. This is the time to enjoy. Tomorrow you’ll not be there. Funny, but personally feel the critical point of not forgetting this on a holiday trip. I still remember my ‘Chinese’-style Paris trip when we were everywhere but didn’t quite lived in that atmosphere. I promise this mistake will not happen again. 🙂

Let’s think wisely, let’s dream, let’s say no to anything that potentially could disturb from the Main Thing, let’s protect ourselves from other’s priorities and then.. let’s work hard, celebrating every little step, enjoying every little moment, not forgetting about healthy 8-hour sleep. And after finishing something big or stuck somewhere in between let’s run away from all disturb and trivial to think, analyse, cure and recover.

That’s the essentialists way. Be aware, I’m on it! 🙂

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