Starting IELTS preparation course..

Decided to start IELTS preparation course and then pass IELTS test. It all was born in my head not so long ago, I think the test is a great motivation to learn this language till the very end, to move closer to native speakers… Motivation is all about money here) If you pay amount of money just to pass a test, you should pass it and get a good mark just because you don’t want to throw away money!

It wasn’t really difficult to get to the course – as the women at the end at the end of all-those-course-entering-tests, I do have needed level and needed vocabulary. But there’s one thing that totally disappointed me – she said that she has a dozen of question about what I wrote in my essay. She said that in such a criticising tone like she 200% sure I can’t pass this test!

Well.. It was dead hot and busy in the class where I was writing my essay. The class was overcrowded with people walking back and force, talking in Russian… How on earth could I concentrate on the topic of essay? That’s right – it was impossible. Surely I didn’t like the topic, but needed to write just something to show my level. And the one that has been born was more like the post here – nothing about academical writing.

I’m sure I can put all the arguments in order and write a perfect academic test, but from that I started to worry about my writing style. What if I lose it?.. What if I write so organised and in such a right order, that all my creativity will die?..

‘Writing should be the first thing you need to improve’ – she said to me. Does it mean I should already be well-prepared for a test?)
Well… We’ll see.


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