Why English classes are important

I’ve been learning English for years… I’ve reached C1 level this year and stopped visiting lessons for the reason – I was fed up with them. They’re all quite the same: lesson’s pattern, books, exercises, rules… I was in deep depression because of these similarity, furthermore, there’re small annoying issues like understanding that teacher can’t answer on my question, somebody in the group speaks Russian all the time. But the main pain was had been doing one exercise for a pretty long period of time – can’t stand it!

So was moaning like an old granny and finally gave up going on courses. I needed a break – I took it. There’s nothing to worry about.

I’ve took up a new short-term course after about a year-long break this month – now with having a motivation to move closer to native speakers and pass IELTS in winter 2015 as the first step on it.

Classes seemed to be usual ‘boring’ without any extraordinary stuff… But sudden enlightenment came today  – now it’s all figured out.

First of all, today I’ve suddenly realised that I feel much more energetic after English class rather than after usual working day. Please, note that I go to lesson after long busy working day.)

I see English classes not just like education process but as sharing ideas, the place where you can share even your deepest secrets with new people around you. It’s a place where you can speak your mind without any fear – and you’ll see strong honest opinion about the thing that worries you.

I can’t not to mention a fact that the lesson is the time when you can ask teacher something that have been worried you for ages (I mean about English language)!

The last point is all of your classmates are new for you! Where else could you see such a different people in one place?)

To sum up all above – it’s all about people! It’s all about mixture of experiences and opinions! The point is that lost-in-life person would never learn English in a high level – the people here are all intellectuals with a purpose in their lives. Here it is, the positive society, you dreamed about. Here were the inspiration comes from.

I’ve always wanted to be surrounded by strong working people.

English classes,  thank you for this!)


And there’s also a reason why I don’t like English classes at work – there’re your colleagues.)


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