Summing up the 2014 (yep, in February)

It’s February and I’ve just decided… to sum up all the stuff which had happened during the previous, 2014, year. Why do I do it in February when all men of sense have done it in January?
‘Cos It’s Me.) That’s it.

Ok, it was a long year with the ups and down and dozens of discoveries. It was the year with the motto ‘Ruining stereotypes’. I could say I definitely ruined N stereotypes which was really shocking and eye-opening… Among them are ..about love, about living, about food, about work and lifestyle, about education and profession and about people around.

The main points I’ve learned:
1. Don’t give a fuck)
2. Do what you love.
Do your ‘wants’ AND Want your ‘musts’.
3. Never stop learning.
Doesn’t matter what subject or sport is it.
4. People around aren’t that ‘ordinary’ as it seems..
‘Struggling’ in the office colleague can write music in the evenings. World is full of these people – they’re just working ‘quietly’…
5. Don’t give a fuck — the favourite one (:

I promised myself to achieve mb a dozen of goal… Well.. I still can’t draw, I still can’t play any musical instrument, I’m still not a Java expert. But there’s some good news!)
I’ve finally reached Advanced English level,
I’ve recorded some podcasts,
I’ve started to write stories,
I’ve met ‘the right’ people.

So this year I’m far more stronger and inspired (btw, far more experienced as well) so I’m setting up new goals for the new year. The experience shows it can’t be more that something. Let the something be…
1. Closer to native English level which’ll allow me to READ without pauses and…
2. To Write in English and to write a story in English like I do it in Russian.
3. Publish a book. — that’s the real dream))

Sorry, Java, but I’m completely into literature and creative writing now. I love it with all my soul, it gives me energy like …writing !only writing)

Btw, this year is pretty outstanding because of the fact I’ve met Ayn Rand in it. I’m just going crazy about all her ideas… Oh, how much I’d like to meet her…
Her books’ messages are to me and they’re extremely close to my thoughts. I see that much of similarity!
I swear I understand her and her thoughts when she was writing her books, when she moved to USA..
And why am I somehow worse than she was? Why can’t I start writing in English?!
Challenge accepted!
We’ll see)


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