Dreaming, flying, thinking

Can’t stop dreaming, thinking and analysing. Yep, it’s possible to do all this things in one day. Furthermore, it’s possible to combine its in a one moment.

January is sooo close!) Tired of work and people here, I need a rest and I’m presenting it to me!) One week in my favourite Oxford in January. Nice. It’ll be the week of writing and theatre, theatre and writing. Also, I’d like to visit BBC Studio in London. I was dreaming about it last summer while I’d been in Oxford. But… And here it is! The second chance 🙂


The aim of a little winter vacation is …writing! This month I finally admitted to myself that I want to be a writer. It was really tough. It seems like, what could be simpler letting yourself know about YOUR dreams? But it’s probably the main fear ever. Still can’t understand why. Who am I afraid of if it’s only !me who I’m talking to? Oops… I’m afraid of ME. Great!

🙂 So after all this mess in my head I realised that I have a little bit of money and a UK visa till the end of January – I can enjoy myself going to the theatres, writing stories, drawing the world around. And here it is. I have a flight tickets and a hotel booking.

Niiiiiiiceeeee =)


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