October, leave me, please!!!


It’s the end of August but here, in Edinburgh it feels like Belarusian October! I’m cold everywhere: at school, in coffe shop, on performance, at home… I’m cold at any time, whatever it’s morning, afternoon or evening… Because it’s cold 🙂 October..

The weather is so crazy… The funny thing is that in the morning it’s usually sunny. But you never know what to expect later. It could be terrible rain 10 minutes after a beautiful sun… It could be even raining and sunny at the same time.

Or it could be the sky full of clouds, terrible rain and cold. And you can’t even open your umbrella because of storming wind – it’s just useless…

And while I’m cold.. In all my cloths and scarf and whatever, the Scottish are in light jackets and t-shirts…

October.. Crazy August-October..


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