‘I AM’ by MAU Ballet. New Zeland


Strange deep psychological hard… Unusual. The war, community and individual. Individual in community. Rules following, commands, subordination, submission, dependence…

All time in tension, on stress. How 1 wall, which is the only decoration, non-moving faces (almost all the time) keep attention of all the audience?

Hard. Heavy. Odd.

Edinburgh Playhouse. Could even say all the word was watching this (people from all over the world came here) and only.. Only ‘he-he’ I heard was, only comments I heard were in Russian! What the heck is going on?! Everybody was quiet. Nobody didn’t want to bother the actors, nobody moved. Everybody’s attention was focused on performance. Everybody’s but not Russian’s. What the hell?!

Now I see why the tours, hotels ‘sorry, no Russians’ are popular… What a shame!(


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