Inala. It’s probably the best performance I’ve even seen. Clean voices of African choir, so clean that I couldn’t believe it’s not a recording… Couldn’t believe it’s real.


The project is special and original by definition.. Zulu ballet itself is an experiment, mind-blowing mixture of music, African singing and dance. The idea of creating the ballet eventually came up to mind to Mello-Pitman, who is actually a dancer and performance producer. She came to hear South African male choir and… Fell in love with their music. So she decided to give the choir visual presence. That’s how the idea was born.

Then – a contract with Ladysmith Black Mambazo and loads of work.

Finally we see what we see: amazing breathtaking international performance. Beautiful clean voices of choir, sounding like a musical instruments, not just humans, with visual pictures of contemporary dances with a classical aesthetic performed by you Zulu ballet.

And music. Cos music…
..which was created specially for project by Ella Spira.
I’ve been searching a special MY music among jazz, urban jazz, Bossa nova, solo piano and so on. I founded pieces in different styles.
And that’s what I was searching! That’s it! Incredible piano, drums with the cleanest voices ever. I have a CD. Didn’t know how I lived without this music before.

I’d like to visit it again.. And again.. And again..
Just see it. Just…


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