Cancer. I wonder it wasn’t so wide-spread..

What on earth is going on? I got news from my mom yesterday and.. Some of them are dreadful. My godfather is ill. He has a cancer.

Don’t really know which type of cancer he has. But what’s the point? He’s ill. The illness is serious and who knows what will be at the end.. At least you can expect and hope, hope and expect..

I don’t know people who doesn’t see this illness… I mean almost everybody who I know heard about this illness, like…their family member, relative or acquaintance is suffer from this…

My godmother faced with this 5 years ago. Her mother suddenly became ill with a cancer.. Then probably a half of the year later her father complained about a neck pain, was examined and a blood cancer was diagnosed. A year after this her father passed away.. Half of the year later – a father..

Then a husband of my mother’s friend was diagnosed cancer. Still alive but…

And now my godfather.

The most scaring thing is that it comes suddenly, nobody knows why, nobody knows who’s next. Just happens.

Read “The faults in our stars” by John Green about 16-years old cancer surviver Hazel Grace, who meets her first love in a cancer survivors support group now.

I wonder it wasn’t so wide-spread..


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