The Dead Pony Society. Comedy

Loads activities => emotions from yesterday. So last afternoon I visited a jazz concert by Dick Lee and Brian kellock: jazz notes. It was dead good. And in the evening I took part in traditional Scottish dancing class. But… Unfortunately I can’t write about this two things cos I have a homework from school. Yes, it’s a review but… I’m not allowed to write about anything I’d like. I should review a show which we visited together. Don’t be surprised by me reviewing a.. crap đŸ™‚

If I could write a 6-words Hemingway-style story, I’d write something like: “Dead pony. Amateurs comedy. Killed me”. But that’s not a real review, so I’ll write something longer.

Absolutely free afternoon-time comedy show in The Free Sisters Bus with The Dead Pony Society. They make sketches, pretending to be funny, about everything, but little remark there… Motley crowd waited for something special, at least funny funny, but what did they get?

Disappointment. A target audience is British people, who are familiar with a TV-shows they put into sketches. Language is not simple, so ESL’s could be confused not understanding everything.

Stanislavsky would probably answered his famous “Don’t believe it!” On their unprofessionalism. Audience’s laugh got stronger every time the actors were laughing on their own jokes…

The best thing is that the show is shown in the bus. Unusual and atmospheric. But I’m afraid The Dead Pony doesn’t use this thing properly…

Probably, the shaw isn’t that bad for British. I could only review it as a ESL listener, and this comedy is definitely not for them… 2 from 5. Dead Pony is dead.. Still would like to see it? đŸ˜‰



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