My Edinburgh activities: busy, moving, non-stopping

Another busy day here that’s why it’s lovely that’s why I’m tired now πŸ™‚ first of all I’d like to tell you I forgot the time when I slept enough… You see, a problem there… I didn’t sleep enough before my holidays because I needed to work 8 hours a day and wanted to do something after like writing this blog. That was quite nice but… I don’t have time to sleep well. It was usually 5-6 hours and I had one step in the ground at the end of the week.


And it’s my holidays now. Hooray! Happy! Except one little thing… My classes start at 9 a.m. and it takes an hour to get to school. So I get up even earlier! Haha, funny thing.) I get up up on holidays earlier than at working time. LOL

What’s more is that I have homework at school! So I came from Ceilidh (traditional Scottish dancing) yesterday at 11ish p.m, took a shower and started writing a review which was a home task. Tried now to fall asleep with my iPad, struggling… Finally I realised it’s better to sleep. So I had to wake up earlier and write a review before breakfast. Then the breakfast time came and I had to finish my review in the bus.

Analysing 2 another reviewers I’ve heard in class, I could say that I’m not that bad even writing in the morning.) well chuffed with it πŸ™‚

So I attended a free lecture by Fringe organisers “How to sell your show” and then in the evening a really good comedy show not like the previous one, not at all.))

Edinburgh’s bus system makes me crazy. I was waiting for the bus 25 minutes and didn’t catch it! Caught another one… So I’ve learned an important thing today: if it’s not too far don’t even think about catching a bus, better walk, it’ll definitely be faster! Btw, I was almost late for the lecture…

Also we were almost running to the evening performance… But that was good, well good.

Going to write review for tomorrow’s class. See it in a minute πŸ™‚


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