Dick Lee and Brian Kellock: Jazz Notes

Jazzy afternoon with Dick Lee on clarinet and Brian Kellock on piano. Located in a well tiny theatre-like venue deeply inside Italian restaurant Valvona & Crolla, the concert didn’t even pretend to be a concert. Relaxing homey atmosphere created a feeling of being on a meeting with best friends, all jazz experts, but still wondering to know something more.


– Questions?
– What is that instrument?. Please, tell us more about the instrument.
– Well, it’s a Bass clarinet. As you can see it’s much bigger than the usual one, but it can make lower noises and a funny elephant sound like this…

But you still feel like a jazz expert…

From jazz international music language and 12-bar blues through the history to Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Charlie Parker. Emotions, sounds, smiles – relax and fly.

Targeted for everyone who likes jazz as well as for the people who simply curious about it.

Tw 5/5
10£ for the complete joy. Why not?

P. S.
Didn’t even know before that clarinet could sound that different…


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