Hello from Edinburgh!)

Honestly lots of new info. The city is really nice, seemed to me at the beginning. Now I think it’s quite crazy. Edinburgh international festival, Fridge festival, Music festival is hosted there. You see.. Busy, noisy, full of energy, crowded – it’s today’s Edinburgh…

What do I do? Well.. I’m kind of lost here.. Try to avoid city’s craziness, run away from touristic places.

And.. I saw the sea today. Magnificent! How does it work this way?? Unbelievable. I thought I’d come there, spend a little time by the sea and come back. But… I was walking and walking and walking… Collected some seashells 🙂 so cute)) and read a little bit of poetry. The wind was really cold, I put on my blouse and jacked, I dreamed about a hat! And what did I see? Adults with children playing in the sand in !!swimming suits! It was +18 and windy! Some of them (including children) were swimming! People, are you OK? I’m getting colder when I start thinking about it!.. Portobello beaches.


I took the bus to the city centre from there thinking that I’d probably buy a ticket for one of the today’s show and wouldn’t come home for dinner. If everything’d be so simple! But no.. No way. When I tried to buy a ticket at Playhouse’s office, I was told that I could buy a ticket only on Playhouse’s event there, not for the any festival event. I gave up for today.

Decided to be more careful choosing performance for me. So.. Reading a.. book.. with LISTS of performances. Isn’t crazy?!


I was surprised by variety of events and even more surprised realising that loads among them – free. Now.. Need to create a going-to-the-theatre plan…
Never been more tired :0


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