About to go on holidays!

Woo-hoo! It’s time to rest! Terribly tired at work… Couldn’t wait for it… Was counting days! And actually it’s so soon. My lovely beautiful fairly holidays!

Officially they start on Monday but naturally they’re closer: the plane leaves Minsk on Sunday morning. A morning ‘goodbye Minsk’ and evening hello to.. Edinburgh!

A lovely Oxford last year, the powerful Scotland capital this year and 3 weeks of English. BTW, it was only 2 weeks last year and definitely it was not enough!

Why Edinburgh? The answer is just around the corner! I love UK, I enjoyed the time here last year, I want to hear the original English from it’s native country. So the country choice is quite clear. Further – more interesting. I really enjoyed Oxford last year, it’s so calm and full of history. But the thing I liked the most is the variety of theatres, concerts – arts. BTW, I was really tend to return there last year. But… it’s not so great to come to the place, where you’ve already been, when you can try something more…

I wanted to see the sea… We don’t have it in our country and usual holidays is actually going to the see and laying on the beach. I don’t really care about laying on the beach – it’s not mine, but the sea… We haven’t seen each other for ages!

So the list of wishes was this:
1. Theatres… More and MORE THEATRES…
2. Amazing landscapes
3. History
4. The SEA
5. More or less of peace and quiet.

I knew Scotland have all of it. And… the Edinburgh Art Festival determined my decision.
And I’m going! Damn it, I’m going!

So the month of English is the month when I’ll try not to use Russian at all. Letting this habit be started right now, I’m writing this post. Nice reason to bring this blog into life! =)

Wednesday night. Time to sleep and see holidays dreams. Good night, people! See you =)


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