I’m sick of all the tracks from my player’s playlist.

Listening to the music every day means having musical hunger from time to time. This time there is a problem – I don’t have neither time nor wish for digging deeply on the internet to find something to listen to. Luckily, there’re loads of podcasts on ITunes!

I’ve found the interesting two. With a great pleasure I share it with you! =)

The Modern Urban Jazz Poscast

It’s the mixture of moods and feelings. One track is about an hour long – and everything is in it. I enjoy moving around the city with this music. Busy noisy city and urban jazz is a great mix. Try it)

Take a look at this one:

It’s from MPOD 28 – “Justice + Metro’s Summer Soundclash”.

Jazz Stew

This one is more about classical jazz. There are loads of news, interviews which is good for me in 2 ways:

1. Information! It’s extremely interesting. Nice way to know more about favorite music.

2. Listening of English speech. That’s brilliant for the English-learner.

Listen! Enjoy! Let’s JAZZ!

BTW, after all this music hunger and realizing that I haven’t been on Jazz concert since the beginning of the winter I’ve decided to correct this mistake. And the solution is right there:



I’m going to the concert of Kelvin Sholar and Daniel Oberto the 24th of April.

Happy =)



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