It all goes from the time-management, it all leads to the time management…

Not enough time is the biggest problem ever. You have an idea, but not have enough time to bring it to life. Then you have time, but don’t do this ’cause of “urgent” stuff like chatting, watching the new episode of a favorite serial and then.. because of a headache. The circle…

There are a few simple things that may help you:

The problem is… I’ve known all of this but the problem still exists. Should follow the rules.

I took a day-off today to start preparing for a State Exam at uni which will be in a month. I’ve read one question and my mind was blown away… Have a terrible headache, trying to read the second question. Why is it so simple to forget everything?

Reading materials about algorithms and recursive functions.

Good luck to me šŸ™‚


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