ACT I – The pre-story
As you know, I’m a theatre-lover. Really good performance helps me forget everything and travel around the universe and time, improves my imagination and so on =)
My favourite theatre here, in Minsk, was Kupala Nation Theatre (drama theatre, in which all plays are in Belarussian only) before I’d watched almost all their plays and begun to visit plays in which there were not 1st troupe. (You’ll never know who will play. Sometimes you guess, sometimes not.) All plays from one director are the same, I could see from the very begging of the play will it be good or not. But it’s completely another story.


I liked very much play “Translations” in this theatre. I watched it 3 or 4 times, the first time alone, then with friends, then with relatives. It’s by Brian Friel. It’s about Ireland in the 19th century. British army translates Gaelic names into King’s English. And all melody, all county people’s soul is lost in translations. Also, there is a love story of local girl and English soldier.
Amazing drama. Mm, I should read it in original!)
Btw, this topic is actual for Belarus now. We lose our language. It’s painful to realise but this problem exists and it’s tremendously huge!!!

ACT II – The reason why I’m telling this right now


I’d been in Oxford this summer. This is a beautiful city – I’ve fall in love with it! And I’d visited some performances there. Ones I tried to buy a ticket through the internet, almost had done this and then realised that I don’t know where to print it. The play on which I wanted to book a ticket was at Oxford Playhouse. I’ve been getting e-mails with upcoming events there since that time.
Few days ago I saw this:


Original Britain “Translations”! Oh, it would be OVERWHELMING to visit it!!! Mb you could visit it. If you can, tell me your experience. Thank you in advance!)


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