Giselle, or The Wilis at the Nation Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus

I visited the wonderful classical ballet called “Giselle, or The Wilis” some days ago. Don’t know why but I haven’t  been on classical ballet for years. I visited some contemporary dance performances, modern ballet but not classical. I love theatre, I love the filling that you get from a wonderful staging. All actors, director, artists who make costumes and decoration, light director, soundman make alive a play. And you’re not in this world anymore, you could be in another epoch or even in another planet. You could easily move in space and time. Who sayed that time machine hasn’t been invented yet? It do exist. This machine is theatre.


I was on “Giselle” ones when I was a child. It was at the end of 90th or at the beginning of 2000th, something like this. After all the years I had not remembered the whole story of ballet till this visit. All I remember is the feeling of how gorgeous it was and one scene in the 2nd act in which Giselle come from the grave – she appeared right from the stage, and begun her beautiful dance. I was impressed by all of this. Later I’ve visited different ballets but Giselle I’ve always liked more than others. So mythical it was! The feeling of beauty and mystery has been living in me from that time till now. That’s why I bought the ticket when I accidentally find this performance in the list of theatre events.

I was in France during the ballet! Beautiful decorations created 5D effect: you’re not in the hall, sitting on your sit number X in the row number Y, you’re ready to go hunting in the 19th century France, in the forest. Music was really great! And it’s not surprising ‘cos all the musicians are high level professionals with the high titles and awards.

You stop to stoop, trying to become a little bit prettier – closer to the ballerinas. That’s great!


Furthermore on this ballet I’ve found interesting side of me that I didn’t know before. When I was a child I’d visited a musical school and had dancing lessons there. There were different dance classes. There were a classical dance classes among them. We studied ballet poses and moves  at a portable barre and without it. And it was an eye-opening for me that I still remember the names of ballet moves and poses. It’s an interesting feeling when you watch the ballet and see arabesque, fouette, jete, pa-de-de, saute and so on. I wanted to dance again. Back to childhood! oh, yes! =)

In general ballet was rather good but they made awful mistakes like there where not straight lines in corps de ballet, homely guy at corps de ballet (he looked like he’d danced the second time of his life!), inattention of Giselle who haven’t noticed the flowers decoration and run into it. BTW, they cut off the scene which I remember from the childhood – this time Giselle just came from behind the scenes.

But in general I have positive feelings about the ballet. The atmosphere was great, acting of all the dancers was beautiful. And I still have a lot of emotions, that’s mean the ballet was GOOD!


I wish I visited more classic ballets.

Will correct this little mistake =)


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