Merry Christmas!




“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” – the song is right!

Christmas trees (even I have a small one in my room on the table), presents, festive mood… Unfortunately, no snow on Christmas this year šŸ˜¦ But I still believe that it’ll come on the New Year eve. Believe in magic =) That’s who I am.

To be honest New Year is bigger holiday in Belarus then Christmas. Furthermore we have two Christmas here: one is Catholic and it’s today, another isĀ Orthodox and it’s celebrated on the 7th of January. We have days-off on two of them. But in my family only New Year is celebrated.

Anyway I love today Christmas mood. I walked on the fair. You could buy presents, decorations, food there. There were a lot of fairy characters – children were thrilled! And singers brought happiness by their songs.

I had a badminton training today. Just walked near all this stuff and waited for a bus.

After training I decided to walk a little. I heard a song coming fromĀ Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary – decided to stop by it.

Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary

There were Jesus in manger – traditional decoration.

Jesus in manger

I think it’s not important what your religion is, if you want to come in Cathedral – just come in. When I come to Catholic church I feel calm – and it’s beautiful. Looking in cathedral on Christmas is tradition for me. Inside it’s beautiful. Can’t you agree?)

Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary

Not snow but sunny and a little bit frosty – a gift from weather. Thanks for that ‘cos we’re all tired of this gray days.

Minsk. Town hallĀ (Town hall)

It’ll be a lot of work tomorrow but I don’t care – today hasn’t finished yet!

Nice day.






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